16 November 2010

Christmas Pretties

Yesterday I was out and about browsing a few stores and I found a couple of Christmas goodies. While at Winners/Homesense I found this pretty green ribbon with glittery dots all over it and I also found a large wire star ornament with "pearl" accents. So pretty! 

Then when I was looking around Pier 1 & I found these two cute ornaments! All for a really great price :o) I love deals! {I might replace the string for ribbon to hang them though}

Now I'm wanting to dig out my Christmas decorations! I'll hold off until after American Thanksgiving; well I'll try at least. But since we've already celebrated Thanksgiving I'm wanting to haul everything out sooner; probably because when we lived in the states I DID haul everything out after Thanksgiving! 

When do you get out your Christmas Decor?

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