27 January 2011

Colours vs. Neutrals

I love this room for 2 reasons. 

#1 - The base of the room is neutral. I love colour, but am a firm believer that, for the most part, the base of a room should be neutral {and yes, sometimes, there are exceptions}. Why? Look how simple it is to change the colour scheme of the room below! VERY. Curtains, pillows, and smaller accessories are quick fixes when you tire of your decor or need a breath of fresh air. Sometimes, there are exceptions - but you can never go wrong with a neutral base & colourful accessories. 

photo from : Style at Home

#2 - The room has COLOUR. It's not JUST white. I love a white (neutral) room. I really love it {especially white kitchens!}. A white room is clean. However, if you aren't careful, sometimes an all white room can be too sterile {you know, lacking creativity or imagination}. The room above definitely isn't lacking in creativity.


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