23 January 2011

Reclaimed Beauties...

I may have said this before - I don't have tv. Sometimes, I wish I did. Prime example, I'd watch: The Nate Berkus Show! Maybe sometime I'll catch an episode. I do frequent his website though. I saw this today and thought I'd share...

above & below photo from here

This closet/dressing room is spectacular!!

These are a few pics of a house from a segment on Nate's show called "House Proud". The 1930's bungalow belongs to Lizzie Carney and she's decorated her whole house with second-hand and reclaimed items. 
Go here to read up on Lizzie's inspiration and to see what she's done with the rest of the house. Isn't it great to see that second-hand items can be put to good use and can make a home look JUST as fabulous as new items can?!?!? Love it. 

Lizzie also has a website ------ Euro-Trash.us 

Her home was also featured in Country Living.
I'll leave you with this pic of the living room :

photo from : Country Living

Hope you're all having a great weekend!!

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