30 March 2011

Rustic Elegance

This breakfast room, designed by Sarah Richardson, is just plain lovely! 

photos : sarah richardson design

She did a fabulous job at combining both rustic and elegant features - and the earthy tones are gorgeous! 

A few of my favourite features in the room:

1. The colours - reminds me why I like green so much!

2. The drapes - again, with the colour green; but I also like that the pattern on them isn't overly LOUD. It gives a timeless look.

3. The bench at the table - it gives a nice change to the usual "table & chairs".

4. The light fixture (!) - I love this look! It's so pretty and because of the other features in the room it doesn't emit an overbearing feminine feel. 

Such a beautiful space!


  1. One of my favorites! Sarah can do no wrong in my eyes:)

  2. She's one of my faves too!


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