19 May 2011

Do you live in a small space?

I love this idea that I saw at Real Simple. Such a great way to use a closet; especially if you live in a small space and lack the room for a home office. Turning a closet into a home office nook = cute and practical! The process is quite simple - go here to read up on the transformation. 
And, don't you just love the use of the wallpaper in the space? It definitely adds character and helps to define the space. I also like the fact that you can just pull the curtain (or door) if your office area becomes messy - a quick fix to the mess when you have company coming and no time to tidy up {and lets be honest, it's not an overly large space to tidy or organize in the first place}! 

photo : Real Simple


  1. I DO live in a small space, but my desk is the most important part of my apartment! I make it work, though. Here are after shots of my apartment: http://modvidesign.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-apartment-after.html

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amanda! Your apartment looks great - and cute blog!


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