20 May 2011

Two Looks

The June 2011 issue of Style at Home has some great stuff in it! I especially like the article entitled "Versatility Rules". It's all about how you can switch things up in a space to obtain two looks. Very practical information on how you can swap items out to get an entirely different look in your home! 

This is probably my fave switch up in the article :

Loving the chairs with the lattice; and what a great colour and it goes so nice with the fabric!

The dinner space turns into a home office space : 
(what is it about office spaces? I seem to be drawn to them as of late...)

above photos : Style at Home

I love that with a few changes you can have an entirely different space! Go here to read the article and see a few more switch-ups!
Do you have a versatile space in your home that can have two looks?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That is a really awesome idea! I love to consolidate (less crapola hanging around) and this is totally brilliant. Speaking of brilliant, those chairs are *LOVELY*...even the little detail on the underside by the legs!! Love.


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