14 July 2011

strawberry jam

It's strawberry season and that means fresh yummy goodness. Thankfully I was able to go pick some fresh strawberries on my day off last week. There is no comparison between fresh picked strawberries and the ones you can buy at the grocery store when berries are out of season! 
I attempted to make strawberry jam for the first time. My mom always told me that it was a relatively easy task...and well, it is. It's as simple as following the directions that come with the certo! I went with the no-cook jam. 

All you do is wash, hull and mash your berries. Then you stir in a lot...and I do mean a lot of sugar. I even called my mom to make sure she didn't adjust the amount of sugar in the recipe when she makes hers. No. You put it all in. 

After that you let it sit for about 10min (maybe a little bit longer) - during this time the sugar dissolves. Then you add the certo, a little lemon juice and stir for 3min. 
After that you put the jam into jars, let them sit for 24hrs to set and you're done! It's extremely easy and it turned out great!

Now I'll have fresh strawberry jam whenever I want and all I have to do is take it our of the freezer! 
Have you ever made jam?

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  1. i was just talking about making strawberry jam! thanks for this post :)


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