22 September 2011

An Autumn Wreath

I've been slowly getting things things ready for fall and finally got a wreath up last weekend! I went on the hunt for one last Saturday and was determined not to come home empty handed. I even looked around Michael's for a long while, and after not seeing any that particularly caught my eye, I hummed & hawed over whether or not to attempt to make my own. I voted not to buy any supplies and decided to keep on with my search. I'm glad that I did, because I ended up finding a cute & simple wreath at Winners/Homesense that I love! I know my own craft skills, and most definitely think I made the right choice. I'm sure I could have made one up just fine, but I'm most positive it would have turned into an ordeal and some sort of battle - and I wasn't really up for that. 

I opted for hanging it on the door between my kitchen and my entryway, I decided it was something I wanted to see all the time rather than just something I would see whenever I left or entered the house. It'd be great to have one for the front door too, but I think I like it best here!



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