07 September 2011

The Entryway

What makes a great entry space? 
I've been feeling rather frustrated as of late. I've been trying to decide what to do with the entry space in our apartment. It can be frustrating living in an apartment sometimes, just for the sheer fact that you can't always transform the space the way you would like to.

I've been looking around for some entryway inspiration and deciphering what makes a great entryway. I've also been trying to figure out how I can transform my own entryway on a budget and without losing my rent deposit :)

These are just a few of the photos that have been inspiring me...


photo : BHG

photo : House Beautiful

So, what makes a great entryway? Here are some things that I have observed as I've been looking through photos for inspiration...

1. Seating - Having a place to sit is rather ideal. This makes for an easy time putting on shoes for you and your visitors if needed. It doesn't have to be another sitting room in your house; a small bench or a chair or two will work just fine. 

2. Closet and/or hooks - This is an obvious must. Having access to a close closet to hang coats, bags etc.; and if you don't have a closet readily available, then hooks and coat racks.

3. Storage - Having a good amount of storage in an entryway is a great idea. Baskets are a great way to do this. A dresser would also be a great piece to have in an entryway {if you had the space for it}, especially if you don't have a closet nearby. 

4.  Let's face it, the space should also be inviting. It's your entryway for crying out loud :) You can make your space inviting in a variety of ways: colour schemes, certain accessories, accent pieces, art, the list goes on!

These are just a few things that I have been gathering together for ways that I can spruce up our entryway. Do you have an entry space/mud room? If so, what's your favourite aspect in the room?

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  1. We actually knocked out a wall to make a little more room for a 'proper' entryway (a relative term in my tiny house!). The funny thing is, I HAVE a stool/bench there for sitting and yet people insist on sitting on the stairs! Drive me crazy! Love the little cubbies in the House Beautiful one.


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