30 September 2011

Home [Photo] Galleries

A good friend of mine recently started creating a photo gallery wall in her home. I saw it the other day and loved it! I have always liked the idea and after seeing what she'd done I've been picking out ideas for home {photo} galleries. Here's some home galleries that I am loving! 

This one is great. I really like the fact that the frames are layered and arranged on shelves. The uniform frames and black & white photos are great; and I love how you can weave other objects onto the shelves with the photos too.

I really like how this gallery is grouped together inside of an old wooden palate. So creative! 
Makes for a great display. 
For this next photo I guess I'll start off by stating that I love all the white in this room; and the gray coloured wall...love! The gallery is great too! I like the large white uniform frames and the fact that they are all filled with black & white photos. So lovely! 

I really like this one from John & Sherry's house (they are the authors of the blog Young House Love --> LOVE their blog, they have a ton of fabulous ideas and do a lot of inspiring DIY projects!). The gallery wall features a number of different things, not just photos. It's absolutely fantastic!! To see how they accomplished this, go here.
And of course gallery walls always look great in stairways. This gallery wall is actually 2 gallery walls and does a great job at balancing out the stairway. 

These are just a few inspiring photos of home {photo} galleries. Do you have a photo wall in your home?

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