02 January 2012

Loving ---> Wallpaper

I absolutely love to see wallpaper used in fabulous ways. There are so many lovely prints out there. I've said it before, but I can't wait until we are no longer renters and I can wallpaper something! 

{find it}

This wallpaper makes a huge impact in a small bathroom space. The graphic fern print is bold but has been used with perfect pairings. The white features in the bathroom seem to balance out the dark back drop colour and bold pattern. I don't generally gravitate towards dark colours on walls, but I really do like this wallpaper. 
Another place that I really like to see wallpaper used is in a closet. It completely livens up {what can often be} a rather drab space; because, closets should be pretty too! 

This bathroom is gorgeous. The all white is right up my alley, however, the touch of wallpaper adds the perfect amount of extra character. Definitely a great addition to the space! 

Wallpaper can be used in small quantities to make big impact. You don't have to wallpaper an entire room or the entire house to add character. By using it as an accent it can add a great dynamic to an room!

Have you ever used wallpaper? Where do you like to see it used most?


  1. LOVE the wallpaper in the little girl's closet, so adorable!!

    Ps. Your blog is awesome, can't wait to keep reading!


  2. Thanks, Katie! Glad you stopped by :)


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