16 January 2012


Like everyone else I love a great chevron pattern {and well, pattern in general}. However, in all honestly, sometimes it's hard for me to picture pattern in a space. I think the reason for that is because well, sometimes pattern is scary - even if the pattern is pretty! Perhaps one of the reasons pattern can be scary is because pattern can end up being used in rather horrific ways ---> see exhibit A.

Exhibit A: Uncle Joey’s shirt

That pattern definitely should not be walking around on a human being. 
It has the slight, and I do mean Slight, possibility of being used on an accent pillow somewhere, but that's about it....

But, back to the chevron:

Let's face it, this chevron duvet and shams are great! But at the same time, when I first saw them I didn't initially envision using this duvet set in a room. The first thing I thought was: "whoa baby, that is a lot of chevron". It's pretty, but I guess I initially couldn't look past the large amount of pattern
 {in this case, the chevron}. 

And then I saw this photo of the duvet set used in a room... 

This photo reminded me that initially, at first glance, patten may be beautifully scary or intimidating; BUT, with the right elements, other textures and accessories, it can end up being better than you ever imagined. 

Sometimes I need to be reminded to look beyond and just imagine.
You know what I mean?

Happy Monday!!

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