28 June 2012

Feels Like Summer : Etsy Finds

So, I thought today I would share some Etsy finds that I've found lately. Needless to say, these items have all been added to my favourites. They all have a great summer vibe and vary between some sort of shade of turquoise & mint green colour. Take a peek...


Again with the mugs (have I mentioned I'm a fan...hahaha!). I love the colour of this one and the geometric pattern. 


How cute are these earrings? I must admit I'm not always a fan of hearts for jewelry, but these are adorable.

Everyone loves a great throw pillow - and this one fits the part. 


Chevron is always a yes and so is this colour. What great tea towels!

There you have it. Some awesome Etsy items that emit summer. 
If you're looking for the shop where you can find these beauties just click on the caption under each photo.

Hope you're having a great week! 

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