06 June 2012

Wednesday Randoms

Alright, it's time for another random Wednesday post. Here we go...

I really like this idea that I saw over at Real Simple. This is a complete transformation of a closet into a mini-library. It gives lots of room for book storage and keeps them all in one place. You could easily add a chair in the corner to make a reading nook as well, and let's face it, it looks great too! 

{find it}

Next up...I am loving this idea of stacking baskets and having them for storage but, ALSO -having them function as a side table. Talk about double duty and a great way to use your space! 

{find it}

I really like this next idea for make-up and cosmetic control. I know I often find myself rifling through my make-up bag morning after morning trying to find a certain lip gloss, mascara, etc. But this cute little idea keeps all of your items in one place, easily accessible, and easy to find! I really like the idea of using cute little glasses to gather items. No more digging through your make-up bag. I definitely need to try something like this. Such a cute way to organize your make-up.
These three things have one main similar component : organization - they all help with keeping things organized in some way. A definite sign that I have organizing on the brain and I need to get some things in order!

Happy Wednesday! I'm off to get organized :)


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  1. I love the idea of turning a closet into a library.. i have pinned several images.. some have a small day bed at the bottom and books on top..


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