31 July 2012

Brownstones & A Flashback

It's always fun to look at the exterior of homes. There are so many different styles of homes, different window placements, different siding choices & the list goes on! Even though they can be rather similar in looks, I also like looking at the exterior of brownstones. Yes, they can be extremely similar however, I find that each one is beautiful in it's own way {maybe I'm crazy?}...Take a look at these...


Alright, so this second one may not technically be a brownstone- {this is clearly the back of the place and it is brick} BUT, I thought it was pretty and just had to include it!




I'm not sure I could be a city girl for life, but how fun would it be to live in the city in a brownstone for a few years?

Hope that you all had a great weekend. it's crazy to think it's the last day of July today! Here's July's flashback of posts in case you missed anything! Enjoy your Tuesday!

July Flashback:

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