13 September 2012

: Beautiful Banquettes :

I love the idea of having a banquette on one side of a kitchen {or dining} table. 
Banquettes always seem to be very inviting and add an extra element of comfort to the table. 
Take a look:


What do you think of the banquette?


The Fancy Life has now joined Facebook. I just created the page the other day so it's still in the beginning stages {bear with me}. I thought it would be an added feature and another way we can stay connected. I'll be posting blog posts of the day and I'm sure other ideas, updates etc. You can go "like" The Fancy Life by clicking -----> here {hoping the link works} or search "The Fancy Life" on Facebook. 

You can stay connected through GFC {that's on the left sidebar} or subscribe through e-mail as well :) Hope you've all been enjoying your week!

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