Fall Decor Ideas

Being the first day of October I thought I'd share a few fall decor ideas that I've seen and really liked. They are easy peasy and with Thanksgiving this coming weekend any of them would add a great touch for the occasion! 

We all have a vase lying around. Filling it with small gourds is a great idea for fall decor. This idea of filling a vase with white ones and adding some pinecones throughout is so lovely! Plus - if you live near nature they are generally pretty easy to find and are FREE.


Again, with the pinecones. They are free and super easy to make a garland with!
So simple, and so cute.

If you're not up for traipsing through the woods hunting pinecones down you could always try this cute little craft garland. 

There is something so lovely about simplicity. I love that the Nester added a squash along with and candle and a wicker tissue box on her coffee table. Cute, cute, cute. 

And how great are these? Filling mini pumpkins with mums. These would be a fantastic little centerpiece {I can see them with candles around them} 0r place setting idea {like below} for Thanksgiving. Love.it.
All pretty simple, right?
You can find a few more ideas for fall decor here & here.
Happy October!