29 October 2012

Simplicity for Your Monday

It's Monday. A day when generally {and I think many would agree} it's hardest for me to get moving. I want to stay in bed, or at least in my pajamas, and drink coffee {you know it's true!}. So today I thought I'd share a few lovely bedrooms with you. 

{find it}

{find it}

I am most certain that the first two photos are of the same room. Just with different bedding. I just love that this room feels so light and airy and that the bed is framed between the windows. The space has such a natural feel to it and the bed and bench add a rustic feel. That light fixture is awesome too! 

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Yup, I could spend my Mondays sleeping in or curled up reading {with some coffee of course} in these rooms. You?
I think what I like most about all of these bedrooms is the simplicity. There's not a lot of clutter, no excess, and they all have a wonderful "natural" feel to them. They have character and style without a lot going on and I like that. These elements make the place where you sleep and rest that much calmer. Definitely great features to have in a bedroom.

Hope you all had a great weekend & happy Monday!

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