I have a problem...

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Ever since I had to run in and grab something at Michael's a couple of month's ago, I have been on a "craft" kick. I don't go to Michaels very often, unless I need something, because I'm really not that crafty. However, the washi tape has been calling my name, and if I have a coupon, that's when I like to pick it up. But, the thing is, I get in that store and I wander. Through all the isles and I start thinking and dreaming that I can do it all. I can actually do ALL the crafts {this sometimes occurs in the Walmart craft section as well}. I start to feel & think that I am craftier that I actually am. In the isle with all the beads I think: "making jewelry can't be that hard - then I could make whatever I want and sell it!". In the isle with all the bakery things, I think: "Oh my word, I could totally have my own cupcake shop. Look how easy it is to decorate cakes!". And the list goes on.

So, sometimes when I go in for washi tape - or even just.to.look. I'll occasionally come out with a few random things that I think I have an idea for. Like that metallic crochet thread and that cute little "f" stamp {I couldn't pass that up it was 99 cents}. 

Then I realize I don't even have an ink pad & I don't crochet. But I have ideas, so we'll just have to see if I can make them happen. Yup, I have a problem.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this in the craft isle & craft stores?


  1. Leanne, you don't have a problem, that's exactly how you learn to do those things... by jumping in and trying it :) MP


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