November Flashback

Hard to believe another month has come to an end. Here's a look back at what happened around here in November {just incase you missed anything!}.

1. {Easy} Stovetop Mac & Cheese - A quick and yummy fix for your mac & cheese craving!
2. : Space of the Day : - A fabulous home office.
3. Traditional/Modern - A living room with a traditional & modern feel.
4. I Have A Problem... - How I feel when I walk into the craft section.
5. Wednesday Randoms - A few of my favourite things.
6. Colour Pop - Some great wallpaper and a pop of colour to go with.
7. : Space of the Day : - A living room retreat.
8. Revamp - A great filing cabinet makeover.
9. Let's Play A Game - Celebrity kitchens. Who do they belong to?
10. Christmas Garland {Etsy Style} - Some really fantastic Christmas garland all found on Etsy.
11. Pins of the Week - A few of my favourite pins from the week.
12. More Pumpkin - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, anyone?
13. Animal Print - A yes or no in home decor?
14. Not Your Average Gallery Wall - Photo collages for your decor.
15. Thanksgiving #2 - Another day to give thanks.
16. {SOTD} Christmas Edition - A gorgeous living room all decked out for Christmas.
17. Wednesday Randoms - A look at some random things I'm liking lately.
18. Christmas Decor - Sharing a few decor items of the season.

Have a wonderful weekend!