Christmas Baking

I haven't had much time this year to do any Christmas baking. I really love to bake yummy treats so I did find some time to squeeze in a couple of batches of sugar cookies. However, I opted not to "cut them out" into fun Christmas shapes this year; and I tried a new recipe that was fast and easy and very yummy.

photo: the fancy life

I found the recipe here, however, I didn't have any cake mix on hand. So then I went to this link and tried these instead {I used peppermint sprinkles}. 

For some, I rolled into balls and then rolled them in the sprinkles. Then I pressed them down lightly with the bottom of a glass. For others I mixed the sprinkles right in, rolled into balls and then pressed them down lightly.

Do you have specific things you bake this time of year?

Happy Friday! I'm venturing into the crowds today to pick up a few other items for gifts and then wrapping! Hope you all have a wonderful day!