: Space of the Day :

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I've been enjoying the season with family and friends for the past week. It involved some travelling but was totally worth it. It was nice to just enjoy and relax. Hopefully you were all able to do the same!

Today I thought I'd share this pretty space with you all:

{find it}

Here's some things I'm liking about this space...

1. The mixed elements. It has a traditional/modern/rustic vibe. The sofa and lamp are more modern, while the coffee table and flooring give a rustic feel to the space. The light fixture, ceiling and other pieces of furniture are more traditional. Three different elements, yet it totally works. 
2. I like the high ceilings.
3. I like that the space is white, but has colour. It's airy and not heavy.

I just love seeing rooms where different elements are intertwined so well!

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!