11 June 2013

Room Design {Pink & Orange}

There's something about the combo of pink & orange. I thought it especially fitting for a little girl's room & decided to throw together a little room design using the colours.
Here's what I came up with...

A fun combination isn't it?
Without plastering the whole room pink & orange, the colours can be added in simple ways for easy switch out if need be - the pillows, the rug, sheets & even the frame of the bed 
{the frame of the bed could easily be painted}. 
Then there's the white... 
All of the white really helps to make the colours pop and it is a great base for switching colours in & out at a later date, etc. 
I think this would make the perfect little girl's room & is something that could easily grow with her.

What colour combos are you liking lately?

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