30 October 2013

Wednesday Randoms

This exterior is perfectly homey to me.
Some say navy & black is a faux pas to mix, but I'm loving the navy blue door combined with the black shutters:

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Looking for a yummy pumpkin cookie to try? I tried these the other weekend and made them with just white chocolate chips. They.are.yummy. I halved the recipe as per Natasha's advice :)

No headboard? No problem. I love this idea of creating a gallery wall above your bed.

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If you follow along with me on Facebook you may have seen me post a link to this mug a while back.
This mug is perfection. Just wish I could get it shipped to Canada!

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What things are you liking lately?

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  1. oh my goodness! I would totally buy that for you if I saw it in a store :) MP


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