07 November 2013

I know It's Early, But...

I received the November Style at Home before Thanksgiving {I wanna say it was a few weeks before} and wouldn't let myself open it, thinking it was much too early to be thinking about Christmas. Now that Thanksgiving has past, over the weekend I decided to dig it out from hiding, along with the November Real Simple. 

I am trying to enjoy the rest of this fall season, but it's difficult not to think about Christmas when it seems to have popped up everywhere.

And then the December issue of Style at Home ended up in my mailbox last week. 

I've even found myself pinning Christmas ideas the past few weeks. You can follow along here {if you're ready}.

I know it makes some stomachs churn to think about it this early, but I'm slowly getting in the Christmas mode {all the while still trying to enjoy what's left of fall}. It'll be here before we know it.

How about you? Are you slowly starting to think of the Christmas season?

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  1. never too early for Christmas! I'm seriously contemplating pulling out my Christmas decorations this week!


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