06 January 2014

Monday Inspiration

This weekend I finally got all the Christmas decor away and I'm ready to move on to other things. Other things, like deep cleaning & organizing. Browsing Pinterest, I've found some great inspiration to get started {and motivated!}. Just in case you're needing some inspiration too...

{find it}

Have a linen closet you need to get in order? I do! Some of these images and tips seem to be rather helpful!

{find it}

A perfectly organized bath.

{find it}

A really great pantry


Lastly, an "everything-has-a-place" drawer. I need one {or a few} of these.

You are welcome! :)
Looking for more inspiration? Check out my "Organization" Pin board here
Happy Monday! 


  1. That's what Ive been working on all morning is Organization! It takes time, but when everything is in its right place it feels perfect!

  2. I think our linen closet could use some organizing and purging for sure. There are some sheet sets we don't use that could probably go to the thrift stores and I need to do a better job of keeping Halle's sheets and blankets together and ours and the guest room sheets separate too!


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