30 April 2014

Wednesday Randoms

Here they are. My randoms for this week...

I really love this DIY headboard in all it's elegant rustic-ness. And the bedding? It's pure bliss. You need to check it out. Perhaps I need to DIY a headboard like this instead of the tufted one I've had my eyes on.

Here's a great example of how clutter can look downright lovely:

{find it}

Such a beautiful mix of pattern & colour:

{find it}

Last night we had our first BBQ with friends. Yes, we may of eaten indoors because it wasn't warm enough outside, but it was a great first BBQ of the season. I whipped up this light & tasty salad for us all. 

This chair? I'm a fan. 

{find it}

The sun is shining today & I actually have my patio door open. 
It seems to make everything better.
Happy mid-week!

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