How to Have a Productive Week

Happy Monday, friends! We're starting off the week here feeling a bit accomplished; or should I say, we got some things done on the weekend. Saturday we hunkered down at home as it was a rather snowy day. We relaxed a bit, had some nap time battles with baby girl (this is our life lately *sigh* - I welcome any tips!), and decided to check a few things off our home goal list.

We got a couple more things up on the walls (yay!), and began to tackle our master bedroom. I mentioned here that our room has recently become a "drop zone". It's become a place where laundry lands (usually unfolded), we still had unpacked boxes from our move in JULY that were shoved in there, and sometimes if we have company it becomes the place to put things so they're out of the way (admit it, you have a place like that in your house too!).

I'm happy to say the boxes from July are gone, clothes were purged, folded and put away, and the space is feeling much lighter. Thank goodness. And can I just say, now that we've gone through that process and purged some clothes, I'm ready to do more purging around the rest of the house (here comes an out box!). It felt good to lighten up a bit.

Some weeks and weekends are write offs and not much gets accomplished. We've all been there. But to help keep us on track I've started doing the things listed below. And it all starts with making a weekly "to do" list. I find that helps greatly when I start the week off by laying out activities, appointments, projects, errands, and things that need to be done.

Not everything on the list is always necessary, nor does everything get accomplished. However, if I can get one or two things checked off the list in a week I feel like I've been productive. It helps with time management and helps in creating a bit of a routine for our family. So tell me, what are some things you do to help you have a productive week?