14 January 2016

Putting Empty Frames to Use

I've always been a fan of the empty frame look. Who says you have to put something in a frame, anyways? They're also great for accenting other wall hangings or photos and they're great to give new life to; plus, lots of times you can find them fairly cheap at thrift stores. So, have some old frames kicking around? Before you chuck them, take a minute to rethink how you could give them new life and use them around your house.

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I love how something so simple can add a little extra "oomph" to a space. In our old place I gave an old frame an update with some craft paint to frame our letter "F".

That frame is still kicking around, but has yet to find a place on the walls in our current home. And that "F" is currently clustered in a gallery with some family photos (post to come!). I have a couple of ideas of how and where to use the frame again, and recently I just received some other really great empty frames from a friend that I can't wait to use around our home. I have a few ideas up my sleeve and I'll be sure to share what I do with them when the time comes!

Do you like the look of empty frames? How have you put them to use around your house?

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  1. Excited to see the end result!! MP


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