07 April 2017

Blue & Neutral Bedroom Design

Fresh, clean, cozy, and relaxing. This is what a bedroom should be. At least, in my opinion. After all, it is the place you rest, so it should be a little place of retreat. Unfortunately, ours has been anything but these past 8 months. If you didn't know, we've been living in limbo awaiting a move (which is coming very soon! - I'll share more on that later). 

While we've been waiting to move, our room is the room in our current apartment that has become the drop zone, the holding zone, and everything in between. Packed boxes, half-unpacked boxes, and "storage" for anything & everything else. It's definitely not living up to the above description. Let's just say I'm really looking forward to not living this way anymore. I'm needing some breathing room in our space. 

While I anxiously wait for that extra breathing room, I thought I'd share a recent master bedroom design I put together. It's got a little bit of pattern, a touch of blue & a neutral foundation. 

I love working with a neutral base. It makes it a bit easier to swap out pillows, throws, and other accessories to add different colours to your space at different times of the year.

A good mix of textures can really warm up a room too. Through different fabrics & natural pieces, like wood & baskets, you can really control how your room feels.

Lightening is something that can quickly cozy up a space. While it's great to have overhead lighting in a room, adding some lamps on your bedside tables is a great way to do this. I also love the look of some really great sconces flanking the bed.

Just a few little things I like to think about when creating a fresh, cozy & relaxing bedroom space.

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