14 October 2010


This looks like an area that I would want to work in. I love everything about this space!

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We moved into our apartment about two months ago. I still don't feel like I have things quite the way I want in here. So, with my indecision comes clusters of mess and disorganization. Two things I don't really like. I can only put up with mess and disorganization for so long and then it really starts to bother me. I could be having a hard time because in this place we have much less space then we did in our last place. 

For the time being we're living in an apartment. A one bedroom apartment, I might add, and in all honestly we don't need much more space than that since it is just my husband and I. However, when you're used to having more rooms to put things in and more space to live in (say 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and an office area) it can be an adjustment. The area that really needs some attention is the living room. It's somewhat awkward. It's one big room, although, it's as if it is two rooms since there is an arch way in between. So with the second half of the living room I'm trying to set up an office nook and reading area. It's not going so well - you know, with the clusters of mess and disorganization...

So, I'm on the hunt for ideas. I think first I'll tackle the office nook since it is driving me the most crazy. Right now my office nook consists of a very messy filing system in a basket underneath the desk, and a very messy desk top. That's it. I can't put shelves on the walls since it isn't my house. So I'm hoping to find attractive and creative ways to clean up the area without shelving and or just buying a filing cabinet. I'll try and post pictures along the way of the process; and until I get rid of my mess and disorganization, I'll dream of the day when I'm in a house where I can do whatever I want and not have to worry about getting my rent deposit back! 

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