17 May 2017

Deck Gardening

I have always loved the idea of having a garden. I remember my grandparents having a garden when I was growing up. We'd always love it when they gave us some of the yummy crop. I think the green & yellow beans were my favourite!

I've been researching as best I can (I know I've got to do more) about starting a garden. This is a year we could actually have our own. Plus, since E is older I have a bit more time to research and perhaps maintain one. We also have a yard, which is kind of essential. Albeit, the backyard is a bit of a slope. There is some flat area, and I've heard you can have a garden on a slope as well, so we have a bit of an option.

However, I've decided that before I get my pregnant self out there digging a plot for a garden that this year we'd try for something small. So we're going to go the container gardening route on our deck and first see how that goes. If that goes well, then maybe next year we'll plan something in the actual soil of our backyard. Plus, since we've just moved in to our place, there are some other projects we're probably going to try and tackle this summer around the house. Let's not bite off more than we can chew.

Over the weekend E and I headed to a local garden center/greenhouse in the area and decided to see what they had. The selection was great and she loved looking around at all the different flowers and plants.

I'm sure we'll be back for some flowers at some point, but this trip we ended up coming home with a few veggies and some herbs:

- Summer mix lettuce (I think I'll go back for one other kind)
- Tomatoes
- Basil
- Dill
- Thyme
- Cilantro 
- Beans (yellow & green) and Peas - These are seeds only, so I'll need to get starting on those!

We're not going crazy with the veggies. But I think all of these things are do-able, and from the research I've done they all seem to be grow-able in containers. And the good news is that I've done the herb thing before (and kept them alive) so I semi-know what I'm doing there.

The next step will be to get some containers, some soil, and some fertilizer (I think?? I told you, I'm new to this).

The previous homeowners left this on the deck. I'm thinking that this could be a good little planter for some of what we'd like to plant. I'm also trying to decide if it's weird that we put it to use? That's not gross is it? Maybe that question itself is weird? I mean it's just a planter. So it's a start. Obviously, I'd empty it and add some new fresh soil. I know it's not the prettiest, but that's ok. Maybe if I get really ambitious I'll paint the thing & give it a mini makeover.

Also, excuse our deck. It needs to be painted or stained. I told you, we have some other house projects we may be tackling this summer.

With a little deck garden our crop may not yield huge results, but it'll be nice to grow a few things ourselves; not to mention yummy if all goes well. I think that it'll also be a great teaching experience for E! I do realize this thing could be a total flop, but hey, no harm in trying. Right?

So, I welcome ANY tips or tricks you have when it comes to gardening. Seriously, send them my way! Especially if you've done the whole deck gardening thing.

10 May 2017

Life Lately

As you may have noticed, things have been rather quiet around the blog the last little while. It's been a busy few months for us, so I thought I'd share a little update on life lately.

First things first, if you've still been hanging with me after all this time, you may have clued in from Instagram, and this last post, that we have finally MOVED. If you don't know what I'm referring to you can catch up here & here. And even more exciting about our move, we bought a house. Our first house! We arrived to our new home (and new province) at the end of April and we are slowly getting unpacked and settling in. So, the last little while, we have been prepping for a move & packing & doing all that other fun stuff that you have to do when you move. And then of course, the unpacking and setting up. If you've ever moved, you know how exhausting the process can be. Things are coming along though; and you better believe I'll be sharing the house with you all soon!

Here's E the first weekend breaking in our walk way with her sidewalk chalk. She's been running around the house like she's always owned the place, so it's safe to say she's loving the new house. And thankfully she's adjusted extremely well with the move (sometimes you just never know with kids). So for that I am thankful!

PS - I can't wait to paint the front door...that green has got to go!

21 April 2017

Moving Tips & Tricks

In the almost 10 years we've been married we've moved (this includes the move to our first apartment) 6 times; and we're about to up that number to 7. SEVEN. Some of the moves have been to different apartments/houses in the same city, and then others involved moving to a different province & even to a different country (and then two years later, back again). So, big & little moves. We've done them both.

The process of moving is exhausting. In many ways, it overwhelms me, and exhausts me, just thinking of having to pack up my house and knowing the chaos that will ensue. And then, there's the unpacking. At least that's a little more exciting than packing.

Since it's go-time, and this is our life right now, I thought I'd share my top moving tips & tricks. Take 'em or leave 'em, but these are things that help us out and things that we've learned along the way after (almost) seven moves.

Top Moving Tips & Tricks

07 April 2017

Blue & Neutral Bedroom Design

Fresh, clean, cozy, and relaxing. This is what a bedroom should be. At least, in my opinion. After all, it is the place you rest, so it should be a little place of retreat. Unfortunately, ours has been anything but these past 8 months. If you didn't know, we've been living in limbo awaiting a move (which is coming very soon! - I'll share more on that later). 

While we've been waiting to move, our room is the room in our current apartment that has become the drop zone, the holding zone, and everything in between. Packed boxes, half-unpacked boxes, and "storage" for anything & everything else. It's definitely not living up to the above description. Let's just say I'm really looking forward to not living this way anymore. I'm needing some breathing room in our space. 

While I anxiously wait for that extra breathing room, I thought I'd share a recent master bedroom design I put together. It's got a little bit of pattern, a touch of blue & a neutral foundation. 

I love working with a neutral base. It makes it a bit easier to swap out pillows, throws, and other accessories to add different colours to your space at different times of the year.

A good mix of textures can really warm up a room too. Through different fabrics & natural pieces, like wood & baskets, you can really control how your room feels.

Lightening is something that can quickly cozy up a space. While it's great to have overhead lighting in a room, adding some lamps on your bedside tables is a great way to do this. I also love the look of some really great sconces flanking the bed.

Just a few little things I like to think about when creating a fresh, cozy & relaxing bedroom space.