27 September 2018

Living Room Updates

It's been a long while, but I'm back with a little progress report of what's been happening in our living room. Hopefully this will spiral into a bunch of posts regarding house updates (among other things!). If you have a bit of catching up to do, or you're just joining us, you can check out this post to see what we started with and where we came from!

It seems that things have been a bit slow going with the decorating/updating at our house, but I'm learning to be OK with that. That means, less impulse buys/decisions to "fix" a so called problem area -- which, in the end, can end up saving time AND money. Plus, when the decorating takes time and is a process (because, I think it's always a process) the satisfaction of finding that perfect piece, and/or waiting until it's in the budget, makes the end result that much sweeter.

For a long while, like up until about a month ago, we still had nothing on the walls in our main living room. Well, except for a small mirror turned chalkboard that I honestly never write on (haha!). I should probably take that down? To be honest, I just felt like there was/is so much wall space in this room that I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do. Indecisiveness at it's best.

The last little while though, I got so fed up with the bare walls and was craving some cozy, homey, hello-we-actually-live-here, feel. So, I searched the house for items and took down some photos from our hallway to create this gallery wall. I even made the wall hanging. No purchase necessary. Why didn't I do this sooner? It honestly makes the place feel more like "home".


Since moving in almost a year and a half ago we've:

- Painted the walls & trim. The brownish-yellow-beige is the colour from when we first moved in. I can't stress enough how much paint can completely change the look AND feel of a room. In this case, it completely brightened up the space. It's much more fresh & clean feeling.

- We ditched the rug that was from our previous apartment (it's currently in the kids play space downstairs & probably on it's last leg).

- We still have the same sofa & chair. However, we recently updated them with new slipcovers and I'm loving the darker grey. It's a little more forgiving with kids and it's still washable!

- We've been playing musical lamps & I think I've found one I like.

- Added a gallery wall over the sofa. I think we still need another thing or two on the walls & then we might be able call it "good".

This is just a peek at the changes. We still have things we'd like to change/add/invest in, like some new throw pillows, a new coffee table, a rug, and I'm sure I could think of some other things. But, for now, it's feeling quite lovely in here and we're enjoying how it's come together!

Don't be discouraged if a space is taking a little while to come together, whether it be from budget and/or waiting for the right pieces. It'll come. AND, it'll feel so good when you really see it start to take shape and turn into the vision you've been scheming of!

22 February 2018

Kitchen/Dining Room Update

I thought it was about time I share a little update with the happenings in our kitchen/dining area. Because, well, it's been a while. To be honest there's really not too much to share, but we did manage to get a new light fixture a few months back. If you follow along on Instagram you would have gotten a look at it by now. Anyways, it was on my list to complete before baby boy arrived and I'm so glad we actually accomplished it!

18 December 2017

At Home Christmas Drink: Egg Nog Latte

I'm not one to pour a glass of egg nog this time of year and drink it straight up. But, I am one who enjoys egg nog in my coffee. Sometimes I'll use it to replace my cream, and other times I'll create my own latte. It's super easy and the steps are very similar to the London Fogs I like to make. And of course, it's best enjoyed in your favourite Christmas mug!

13 October 2017

Ikea Items I'm Keeping an Eye On

A few weeks ago we had an Ikea open in the Maritimes. And, lucky me, it's in our new city! The catalogue came in the mail about a month before opening and I was pretty excited to sift through it. I haven't stepped foot in an Ikea in a few years, so to say I was a bit excited about it opening may be an understatement. 

I did get to pop in the store for about 30min one day last week. Which, if you've ever been in an Ikea, is definitely not enough time to look around. So I'll definitely be going back soon, hopefully before baby arrives (can someone say 2 weeks until due date?? Ahhh!)!

Between browsing through the catalogue, looking online, and the brief time I was in the store, as usual there are some things that have got my attention. So, some things I have my eye on? Here's a little round up. Believe me, there's more things I'll definitely be scoping out, these are just a few of the standouts. 

Of course I look at this round up and it involves mainly neutrals & some stripes. That sounds abut right. And, see that light pendant and dining chair? Those are two items I'm really considering to go towards completing our kitchen/dining space (see the details here). I will admit, in the short amount of time I was in the store, I was able to swipe up that striped laundry hamper and I'm sure my next visit something else will come home with me too.

What are you currently eyeing from Ikea? Any must haves I've got to check out on my next visit? Do tell!