21 September 2016

DIY Growth Chart

For quite some time I've been wanting to make a growth chart for E & I'm happy to say it's now complete! I knew I wanted to track her height as she grows but I just wasn't sure how. I liked the idea of having a growth wall or door in our home. I've seen people do this & think it can be done in some really cute, non-tacky, ways. But for us it wasn't exactly realistic since we know we have the potential of moving (and have moved) a few times in our life. So tracking it right on a door or on a special wall in part of our house wasn't ideal because we wouldn't be able to bring it with us if/when we do move. 

However, I did love the idea of creating a giant wooden ruler of sorts. So a couple of weeks ago I went and rounded up my supplies. I'm happy to say this project was relatively easy to make. It's not perfect, but overall I really do love how it turned out! 

20 September 2016

Fall Comfort Food

This is the time of year comfort food comes back in the picture. Here are two of my favourite recipes to whip up this time of year (and even into the winter!). I've shared them before but they're worth sharing again.

Baked mac & cheese. Probably the comfort of all comfort foods. Head over here for the recipe. You won't be sorry!

You can find details & the recipe for my favourite pumpkin soup here

What are some of your favourite comfort foods to make this time of year?

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16 September 2016

Home Accessories For Fall

If you're looking to add a bit of fall to your home, but aren't quite sure where to start, consider one (or a few!) of these things. 

1|  Throw pillows (always, always!) are an easy swap for each new season & can instantly update a space. I'm especially loving these ones from Indigo.

12 September 2016

E's {Temporary} Room

As you know, we're currently living in limbo. We moved to an apartment a couple of months ago and sometime in the new year we'll be relocating a bit further away (to the next province over).

I was back and forth about how much to unpack etc. We do have a bunch of things in storage, and boxes in other parts of the apartment, however I decided that for the most part I wanted E's room to be as normal as possible for her. I didn't put everything that was in her last room up, but we'll definitely use them again when we move. For now I just put up what was easiest and what I could easily get to among boxes. I may still put her mobile up, we'll see.

Above her bookcase I put up a little cluster of prints. They're part of a collection I had going for a bigger gallery wall. I thought for a temporary room three was enough for now.