28 October 2010

Store Spotlight: Anthropologie

Have I mentioned that I love Anthropologie? I wish there was one close by. I think if there were, I would want to go in at least once a week and take a look around. One weekend last October I went to NYC with a really good friend and we had the greatest intentions of going to Anthropologie. However, our last day in the city when we set out to go it was not yet open for the day. Sadly, we had to be on our way because we had a flight to catch. Thankfully they have an awesome website that is a great place to browse!

the window displays from last fall - it's all we saw :(
I really like this bowl below. And you guessed it, it's from Anthropologie! It comes in four colours (or patterns). I can't decided which one I like more. I think maybe the green one? They're all pretty!! Go here to get a glimpse of the other colours. What one do you like best? {The images below are from here}.

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  1. next time it'll be our first stop! ( well... maybe just after Magnolia, and Dean &Deluca)


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