26 October 2010

Jewelry Storage

So last week Nesting Place posted THIS. I replied to the post, obviously pointing out which piece of jewelry from the Vintage Pearl was my fav, but also including my solution for storing those precious jewels we all have. After posting my idea last week I thought I would share my solution with all of you.

I really like to be neat & organized, but there are times when I can be rather messy & disorganized. My jewelry can sit on top of my dresser for weeks on end (getting tangled and mangled and of course, DUSTY!) without being properly put back into my jewelry box. However, that is not the case anymore!

My husband gave me this shadow box from Pottery Barn when we were dating. Not too long ago I decided it would be a great place to store my jewelry! No more mangled mess and no more dust!

Using some pretty push pins, some clips, and some ribbon, I very easily and quickly made a pretty home for my jewels! 


  1. Very clever! I need to do something with my jewelry. Love the clip idea.



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