13 December 2010

Christmas at the Fancy's

I haven't done a ton of Christmas decorating this year. I've just been keeping it simple. But here's a look at what I have done...

A glimpse of our tree...

I saw these mini pine-like trees and thought they'd be cute placed in a basket on the kitchen table...

So, not an overload of Christmas decor but just enough for our little apartment. 
What have you done for decorating?


  1. Hey Leanne!! Im your newest follower!!! LOOOOOVE the simplicity! Its BEAUTIFUL!!! I have ENTIRELY too many decorations!!! Ill be putting away till next Halloween..LOL! Im starting a Christmas Linky in the morning and would ADORE to have you link up your goodies!!! My Peeps will LOVE your blog! Hope to see you there!

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  2. Thanks for the follow and kind comments! I'll have to check out your link-up. :o)


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