16 January 2011

Does your house need to drop a few???

I love the title of the this article from styleathome.com :

There are some great simple tips in this article to help your house "lose some weight". It's so true. When the house is "busy" with clutter or too much stuff, it can feel "heavy". I know my apt. needs to drop a few! {*I JUST did #3 on this list (sadly) and my house feels a lot more airy now!*} I know in our home we have definitely have accumulated some unnecessary accessories/things in the past little while that we do not use. So, I definitely need to find some items to purge and help my apt. lose a little weight!

And before you go...one more thing...

This has nothing to do with your house dropping a few - but it kind of does. Purging, putting away, and organizing go hand-in-hand. So, I thought I would link up today to Honey We're Home. This whole month Megan has had a blog series 
(and I believe that it continues this week) :
You should definitely check it out - there's lots to look at & I'm most positive there's something for everyone! So head over to her blog : Honey We're Home and take a look around! It will inspire you to get organizing and will hopefully help to make your life a little less chaotic! 

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  1. Girl! You are so sweet to post about our organizing series! Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


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