18 February 2011

Everything PINK!

I've been seeing lots of pink lately & I sure am loving it! 
photo : a creative MINT

The March issue of House Beautiful is FULL of pink...

They even have a section in the magazine this month on "50 ways to go pink".

It's a great list of accessories and ideas for you to add a touch of pink into your home & lifestyle. You can also view it here online. Remember when I showed ya these? You can find them listed as one of the ways to go pink!  I'm sure most everyone can find one pink item from the list of 50 that they like!

I don't have many pink items in my home at the moment. But one pink accessory I do have is this cute little flower that I found at TJ Maxx a while back. It sits on a shelf right above my sink {it makes doing those pesky dishes slightly more enjoyable...emphasis on the "slightly"}.
{not the greatest photo, sorry!}
There's even some enormous pink petals on the streets of NY...
photo : house beautiful
How fun! And don't they look like they add an extra spark of life to the winter season?

What pink accessories do you have or would you like to incorporate into your home?

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