16 May 2011

Home Libraries

There's nothing like a good home library. I love seeing how other people display all their books. Even better, I love seeing a nice inviting seating area near all the books! These ones below really caught my eye...

above photos : Maillardville Manor


photo : House & Home

Megan from Honey We're Home organized her library by colour. Love it!

photo : HWH
This is a cozy little reading nook in a cottage. Does the puppy come with? 

photo : House & Home

A home library doesn't have to be a whole room designated to books. You home library can just as easily be a nook with your bookcase and a comfy chair! Someday I would love to have a designated home library nook - I've got the bookcase and the books, so I'm halfway there! Do you have a library room or nook in your home?


  1. Love it! I need to get a yellow puppy to match my yellow chair I think :)

  2. Yes! You need a yellow puppy :) I love your little home library - and your yellow chair!


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