25 July 2011

the front door

Don't ya just love a great front door? 
There's something about the front door that masks the feel for the rest of the house. 
It sets the stage for what you are about to encounter when you walk through it. 

Here are some fabulous front doors I am loving lately...


I Love the feel of this first one {not to mention, the dark charcoal colour of this house is spectacular!}. In my opinion, they chose the perfect hue of blue to balance with the darker siding; and the white moulding frames the door so well. Gorgeous!


This blue gives the house a nice pop of colour. Again, it is perfectly framed with white moulding and the door isn't a drowning unnoticed object on the front of the house.
I also love the stone stairs leading up to the door; and that is such a cute placement of the house number.

What's not to love about this front door? It's so welcoming! Not every door can be yellow, but this one sure can be! The black accents {even though they are small and few} make it pop all the more. Again, it's all about framing your front door so as it doesn't go unnoticed.
Ever been to a house, and you're just not sure which door to use?
This one is definitely saying : "USE ME".

Don't you get the sense that after you walk through these you're going to encounter nothing but loveliness?!?

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. These are so pretty! I painted my door last summer and hate the colour, so once the horrible heatwave stops, I'm going to re-paint it!

    Just joined as a Follower....thought I already was, as I check your blog out everyday, but somehow I'd missed doing that!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks Carol-Anne :) Hope you have a wonderful week!


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