28 November 2011

Bathroom Storage

Loving these bathroom storage solutions! Pretty, practical and relatively simple!

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Storage doesn't always have to be "hidden". Sometimes "hiding" products and other items isn't always an option. These are some fabulous examples of some beautiful open storage ideas that are pleasing to the eye. Baskets, jars, and other containers are pretty and practical ways of storing items in the bath; as well as, keeping items together and easily accessible. 
That being said, even when you have the option of enclosed storage, it's always that much lovelier to open up the cabinet door to an organized and neat area. It also makes things less stressful when searching for particular items. Plus, when everything is neat and orderly, as in the above photo, it's much prettier to look at!

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This particular type of cabinet is wonderful as well. It gives an enclosed area, where you can hide some items out of sight; and then a there is an enclosed glass door where everyday items can be displayed. Definitely, appealing to the eye!

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