23 February 2012

Let's Be Real : Table Styling

Today I thought I would share with you a "styled" table in my home since last week I shared some lovely styled tables that aren't in my home. My table doesn't compare to the ones I shared last week but that's ok...just keepin' it real. 

So...let's be real today shall we?
8 times out of 10 this is what the side table in our bedroom looks like...

Can anyone relate? And that's not the worst it's looked. 
We don't have a very large bedroom and for now we only have one side table. That means we share and that means a lot of the time a whole bunch of stuff gets jammed onto that little surface. Therefore, it's not always as pretty as some of these styled tables that I shared the other day. But that's ok because it shows that the space is getting used and my home is lived in. So reality is that it's not always in tip-top perfect shape.

But there are times when the clutter gets cleared and things find their home again..

And for a few days I have a nicely styled table again.


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  2. so cute! and I love how you keep it real and aren't afraid to show how it really is :)

    new follower from the Blog Hop and so happy to have found your blog!



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