16 May 2012

Wednesday Randoms

Here are a few random things that I am liking this week:

This kitchen...
I really like the contrast of the dark counters and sink with all the white. Plus, this is open shelving at it's finest. And the grey butcher block island is a great center piece in the space!

{find it}

Next up...boxwood. I really like this look - and boxwood in wicker containers? A lovely contrast. It's simple yet makes an impact.

Blue dishes are something else I've been liking. I think it would be kind of fun to have mismatched plates all in the same general colour scheme (like the ones below). I think ever since I saw these blue dishes at HomeSense I've been a fan. Maybe if I'm lucky when I make my next trip to HomeSense these dishes will still be kickin' around on clearance :)

{find it}

{find it}

What are some things you've been liking lately?

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