28 August 2012

Dresser Update

Yesterday I made a trip to collect the supplies {most of them} that I needed for my dresser
I finally narrowed down the perfect "mint". Oddly enough, it's called "refreshing mint". 

*The photo is from my phone, so it's not the greatest*

I was also able to get some priming done, so I am on my way!
Just trying to decided on hardware for the piece - I'm looking to replace what was previously on the dresser.

When I was at Anthro a couple of weeks ago I should have picked a couple up {I'm kicking myself now}!

I'm debating getting these lovelies from Amazon:

Since it's only a 4 pack and I would need 2 more I'm thinking of ordering two accent ones from Anthropologie. They have such a great selection:

That's some fun hardware, eh?!
Not quite sure what I'll go with yet. Can't seem to decide what would look best. I really like the first one - but we'll see.
I think it will be a nice feature to the piece, when it's complete, to have the hardware not all be the same. It's me trying not to be all match-y match.

What do you think?

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  1. Adorable little knobs! Too cute! I gotta get me some!



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