23 August 2012

Match-y Match?

I see images like this and LOVE the look. I mean, how fun?! Not everything matches, but that's OK! 

{find it here & here}

Most times, I like to have things organized and I very much so like things to "match". However, when I see images like this it reminds me that sometimes it's OK if everything isn't all match-y match. Why? Because it can still look just as pretty (and perhaps even a little more fun!). Plus, it's your own style.

Last week when we were in Boston for the day I ended up at Anthropologie. One item that I ended up purchasing was this cute little bowl :

After I got it Seth asked me: "what are you going to do with it or where are you going to put it?". I told him that I wasn't sure yet, but that I would find a place for it :) Even though this cute little random bowl isn't exactly match-y match with the rest of our things, it will be incorporated somehow into our home. I've already used it for cereal and I am sure at some point it will end up on the night stand as a little "catch all". 

The point is : it doesn't matter if everything in your home is magazine picturesque or match-y match. What matters is that it is YOUR home and you are surrounded by things that YOU like and make you feel AT home. So, if you're a match-y match person - yay! If you're not so much {like the photo above} - yay! Either way, it's your home, your space - create a place that you want to live in. 


  1. I love that bowl! I'm like you that I like things to be more matchy matchy, but I'm trying to tell myself that it's okay for things to not be so matched.

  2. Oops, that was me (Sarah). I was signed in as Ryan and didn't know it.


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