20 September 2012

A Look at Our Gallery Wall

I've told you before how much I have been wanting to start a gallery wall in my living room. 
Not sure if you remember this post where I was talking about how I've been trying to collect things for said wall. I think I'd mainly been waiting until I had everything I wanted - that way it would be perfect and just how I wanted it. 
However, after being inspired by Nester {and talking about it here} I decided to start with what I had and stop putting things off. So today I'm sharing what I have so far of my gallery wall. It's not perfect, it's not finished {in my mind anyways} but it's a start.
So take a peek:

It's mainly made up of photos of family members and ourselves. My brother Jon took that photo of the London Eye and I think it looks great in this cluster {you can check out his website here & his Etsy shop here}. I hadn't had it up on the wall since we moved from our home in NY, but I think I found the perfect spot for it. The lobster is a favourite little card that I found in Cape Cod this summer {I'm lovin' the lobsters lately} and I simply put it in a frame that I already had. I found my "Keep Calm" print online. It was a FREE printable and you would never know. 

I had debated painting the frames all one colour {i.e. black or white} but then I decided to just use what I had and make it work. You know, try not to be too match-y match. I must say, I like the outcome. 

I didn't end up measuring and having each space between the pictures the same. I simply made a cluster on the floor of my photos and moved it around until I liked a specific order. Seth helped me put the photos up on the wall and really all we did was start in the middle and work around until the pattern on the wall matched what I had laid out on the floor. As for spacing, like I said, I had no specifics. I really just eyed it. Since it was more of a cluster and not a streamlined look I figured I could get away without measuring and space how I wanted. Who said you always have to follow the rules anyways? 

So that's what I have so far. I'm sure over time I'll add, take away, and re-arrange. But for now I like what it's turned into. 

I got a lot of my inspiration from browsing Pinterest and I created a "gallery wall" board to save ideas that I liked. If you're looking for some inspiration yourself you should check it out here

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  1. Awesome! I love little lobster:)

  2. Cute!! I love the lobstah! Someeeeebody is missing though haha
    :). MP

  3. Thanks Jane! :)

    MP - I did say that I would be adding to the wall...didn't I? :)

  4. Beautiful job Leanne! I love gallery walls...they add so much personality to a room! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  5. Thanks Angie! Have a great weekend yourself :)


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