06 September 2012

Gallery Walls

I love seeing a good gallery wall & these beauties are no exception...

{find it}

{find it}

{find it}

{find it}

I'm currently working on gathering photos etc. for a gallery wall of my own. I'm at least going to start it even if I don't have everything that I want for it yet.  

I was recently looking around Nesting Place just going from post to post and ended up reading this one. I could relate a lot to what Nester was saying. A lot of times I will think: "someday when we have a house I will do _______ ". Or "when we move to a bigger apartment I am going to do ______". 
Why do we always think of the next? We don't always do enough of living in the now {I know I'm guilty of that in many aspects of life}.

"Love where you are.  Beautify where you are. Your next house will be great too but, wherever you are right now, today, has enormous potential." - Nester

I also enjoyed this recent post from Nester - 7 Signs you might be decorating out of fear - and #1 made me think of myself. 
So, that is why I will put what I have for my gallery wall up now and stop saving it for later. I may have to add, take away, or re-arrange. But that's ok. 

So, stay tuned for a gallery wall at the Fancy's house {hopefully in the not so distant future :)}.

What do you want to do in your house/apartment that you keep putting off? 

*Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my dresser reveal! I can't wait to show you how it turned out!*

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