03 September 2012

Minty Monday

Hoping to share the transformation of this dresser later this week. 
The painting is complete and I received one set of new knobs in the mail last Friday. Here's a little sneak peek...
{for those of you who follow me on instagram I'm sorry for the repeat!}

Still waiting for 4 of these to come in the mail:

Can't wait to show you the completed project!

I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend. I'm off to enjoy the day!
Happy Monday! 

PS*I apologize to those of you who read Friday's post. I had chose a cute new font that I had downloaded a few weeks ago and all was well...on my computer at least. When I was at my in-laws on the weekend I checked out the blog and the font was obnoxiously large and nothing at all like the cute font I had used. It did not look good. Land knows how you all see it...so I apologize if you were graced with the obnoxious view :)

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