11 September 2012

Some Anthro Lovin'

A must visit place {well on my list anyways} while we were in Boston a few weeks ago was Anthropologie. I was pumped because I had never been to one. I.KNOW. {SETH has been to Anthropologie more times than me...how sad is that?! Yes, every time he's gone it's been as per my request, but still.} The couple of times I've been to NYC was unable to get to one. Plus, the nearest one in Canada is on Ontario so yes, sad face.

Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed this visit:

How fun is this window display? It's cute AND it is sporting the ever so famous Maritime fern...fiddleheads! YUM. {MP - I hope you are seeing this :)}

Here's a little peek inside the store:

I spent quite a while going back and forth trying to decided on what treasures I wanted to bring home with me.

I already told you about this bowl that came home with me. But I picked up a couple of other cute items as well...

A cute little jar {which currently holds my bay leaves}...

And this fun milk bottle measuring cup set {which I keep right on the counter and have used so much already!}. Plus, look how fun the inside is?

I just love their kitchen stuff. So fun!
What are some of your favourite Anthro items?


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