A Cafe Story Part 2

Yesterday I shared the makeover of a console to be used as a coffee "counter" in the new cafe at our church. Today I'm going to give you a little glimpse of the space, what it looked like before, and what colours we chose to paint the space.

Before the space looked like this, it was actually the main office for the church. So it hasn't looked like this for too long. I wish I had a before before photo {you know a picture of the office space} so you could see. Part of the wall was knocked down to create the archway {that used to be all wall before} and then the old office door was taken out and a wall was put in its place {I pointed out in a photo below where the office door used to be}.

So that's pretty much what the space looked like before. We wanted the cafe be bright but warm and have a coffee house feel.
We decided to go with a light grey paint called "Etching" {I can't remember the brand} and then we thought it would be fun to do an accent wall covered in chalkboard paint {all black}. We also got rid of the old lighting and had an electrician install some track-lighting that we picked up.
These next photos {again with the cell phone pics sorry! I need to have my other camera on hand more often} show the room after we were done painting and with the new track lighting in place. 

The tv is for any videos that the church has to show, and on Sunday mornings it scrolls through various announcements. Plus, I know that yesterday a group of pastors came together to watch a seminar and they used this space. 
So it is definitely a nice added feature. 
We also painted the trim in the room using the same colour as the ceiling {which was painted the lightest "grey", pretty much a white, on the colour swatch from our wall colour}.
I was a bit worried about the wall colour when it first went on as it appeared to be blue-ish. However, it turned out great. Depending on the light it may still appear to give off a slight blue tinge, but for the most part it looks grey.

So there you have it. It already looks completely different with the new paint and light fixtures in, don't ya think? Next week I'll start off by sharing the accessories that we picked out for the space!

Enjoy your weekend!