accessorizing {cafe part 3}

So now that you have an idea of what the cafe space is like {if you missed it you can see it here} I thought I'd share what we went with for accessories in the room. There may be some things added down the road but here's a look at what we have so far...

We found the clock & mirror at Winners/Homesense. Winners/Homesense is my friend. Well, mainly just the Homesense side. I can't seem to shake the overwhelming feeling of looking through all.those.clothes. The shoe section and accessory section not so bad...but the clothes I find overwhelming and usually just give up. I'm sure this seems odd to some as the Homesense side has just as much stuff to look though. Somehow though, that is not overwhelming to me. Anyways, back on topic.
The clock & the mirror. Homesense finds!
We loved the clock because it's more modern and the mirror was great because it adds a bit of texture to the space with the wooden frame. Plus it has a bit of traditional feel with a modern sort of twist.   

We are fortunate to have many talented people in our church. We asked a friend, Kasey {who also attends our church}, if he would mind doing a watercolour painting for the space. We thought it would be neat to have a coffee cup/mug of some sort as art and here's what he came up with:

{photo: the fancy life}

I just love it and it looks really great in the space!

The church had also been given two other gorgeous paintings. A local artist, who has come to our church, painted them and they also look great in the space! I don't have a photo of them to show you today BUT I will definitely highlight them in another post.

Lastly, I thought it would be really cool to have some sort of subway art in the space. As I mentioned in this post a while back subway art can be a bit on the expensive side {especially if you want to customize it} and when you can find it doesn't always say what you'd like it to say. I decided to try and create our own and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Here's a peek:

{photo: the fancy life}

I thought it'd be neat if the subway art revolved around our community/city so it's made up of street names and central places throughout. I'll share this little project in more depth with you soon :)

There is also the chalkboard wall in the room which is a nice feature. In a way it's almost a piece of "art" itself.

For furniture we got some lovely chairs & stools for the cafe as well. Seth found these great chairs at a local surplus store and picked up 10 of them. What makes them so great is that they can be "tall" or "short". 

We also saw these fantastic stools at {you guessed it} Homesense and Greg went and picked them up. In the stools we got grey, black & one lone orange {which makes for an awesome accent colour to the space!}. They can also be either "tall" or "short". I love that the chairs and the stool have the same base. So even though they are different pieces the base of them ties them together real well.

We have some tables on their way from Ikea and we spruced up some tables we already by painting them the same colour as the coffee console. Here is a peek at them: 

I don't have a before picture, but the tops of them were actually the same as the coffee console before we painted it.

I had also mentioned here that we were having a bench installed by a carpenter who attends our church. The bench is now installed and looks awesome!! 

Hoping either later this week or early next to show you how everything came together!
Hope you are all having a great week!


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